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 Woodworking Projects





In 2001, we decided to start some home improvement projects for our house.  Instead of hiring people to do the jobs, we decided that this was good opportunity for us to learn something new and do it ourselves.  For me, it was a perfect excuse to get some "real" power tools!  The first improvement job we did was installing crown molding in our bedroom.  For this I got to buy a table saw, a nail gun, an air compressor, a miter saw, and a router - not all of these tools were really necessary for a crown molding installation job but I was able to slip it through in the fiscal year budget.  Installing crown molding wasn't really a woodworking experience but it helped me learn to use these new tools and allowed me to proceed to the next stage.  After we successfully completed the crown molding job and finished the renovation of the bedroom, I was ready to tackle bigger projects.  So with additional budgets to purchase some more tools, I moved on.  I am certainly not an expert woodworker but I am definitely frugal when it comes to doing woodworking projects.  I use whatever woods I can find around the garage or afford to buy in my projects, and make the best use out of them.  With experience gained from project to project, I learn to be creative to achieve the desired results.  Here are some projects I've completed so far....

- Bedroom TV Cabinet

- Bedroom Blanket Chest

- Shoe Bin

- Small Entertainment Center

- Audio/Video Stand

- King Size Platform Bed

- Bookshelf