Julie's mom needed a stand for her TV and audio/video equipment that would match her existing coffee table.  The contemporary design table is quite simple looking but is a bit complicated in subtle details.  It was even more of a challenge when I decided to build the entire thing out of one sheet of 4'x8' birch plywood - not because I wanted to but because I couldn't afford the raw material for the sizes required.  Everything was made from the plywood including the squared cross-section vertical posts.  The completed project was spray painted with satin black acrylic paint.

This is the coffee table I had to match in style.

Details of the top surface attaching to the vertical post.

Details of the lower shelf attching to the vertical post.

Four pieces like this would make up one vertical post.

Eight vertical posts being glued together.

Glued up edges like this make up the thickness of the upper and lower shelves.

Vertical posts fabricated to attach to fit the upper shelf.

Details of the vertical posts.

Fit check of the eight vertical posts and the shelves.

Looking from one end to check for vertical alignment.

Showing the false thickness of the upper shelf amd the offset installation against the corner post.

Offset installation of the lower shelf against a corner post.

Middle post offset against the lower shelf.

Backside interface between the middle post and the upper shelf.

Finished product with casters and sides and back shear panels installed for added rigidity.

Lower shelf and corner post details.

Right side view.

Middle post and lower shelf details.

Details of middle post interface with upper and lower shelves.

Another detailed view of the upper shelf and middle post interface.