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Capturing a Goshawk at NAS Kingsville

Last updated: 17-Mar-2019

Optimized for a minimum screen resolution of 1024 pixels wide.

Except as noted, these are original images created by:  an i2i Production.

All images are copyrighted and may be downloaded for personal use only.  Otherwise, please send an E-mail to let us know how you will be using them ... Thanks!

This is a collection of original military aviation images through the reliable Canon camera systems...

Aircraft are organized in order by the latest designations from A to Z such as A-1 to YF-107.

Bookmarks: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y

Meet my favorite lens: Canon EF 100-400mm MkII f/4.5-5.6L IS


Able Dog -4 belonging to the Fighter Factory

AD-4N/A-1D belonging to the Vietnam War Flight Museum representing Spads flying "Sandy" missions from 602nd SOS

Warbird Heritage Foundation's AD-1 representing the 6th SOS from Pleiku AB, Vietnam

Armée de l' Air AD-4NA Skyraider


TA-4F Skyhawk - MCAS Yuma, AZ - Jan 1990 pre-Desert Storm training exercise

Draken International TA-4K

Ed Heinemann's Hot Rod!

Collings Foundation's Skyhawk - USMC H&MS 11 TA-4F

A-4N Skyhawk


US Navy A-7E Corsair II


Still banking on the Warthog

Still the best CAS and "Sandy" platform

Warthog Country - Davis Monthan AFB

Warthog maintenance under the sun

A Warthog smile

Spangdahlem's Warthog

S/N 81-994 Warthog from the 107th FS celebrating 100th anniversary of Selfridge Air Base - 2017

S/N 81-994 displays Middle East kill markings including the most expensive hamburger meat!

442d Fighter Wing Warthog

S/N 81-960 with fresh touch-up paint job and no unit markings after a 2017 European deployment


Kelly Johnson's masterpiece: Lockheed A-12 S/N 60-6940 later converted to M-21 launching platform for the D-21


Cessna A-37B Dragonfly


FAA registry: NX8280K...A Nakajima-built Zero with a Pratt & Whitney engine


Belgian Air Force A109 Power

A109 dispensing flares



RAF Atlas


Austrian Air Force AB-212

Italian Air Force AB-212

AB-212 from 21° Gruppo at NTM 2017

AB-212 from 21° Gruppo at NTM 2018

AB-212 from Croatian Special Police



Cobra's business end

Sky Soldiers Cobra Team

Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra


US Army Apache

Texas Army National Guard Apache - Ellington Field JRB

Apache stare down

Showing off the flares

Dutch Apache

Dutch AH-64D Apache


Saab Viggen
at Zeltweg Airpower 2016

The first mass production canard aircraft

S/N 37098 belonging to the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight

Alpha Jet

Dassault/Dornier jet trainer

Armée de l'Air Alpha Jet

Red Bull Alpha Jets

Patrouille de France

Looping down!

Displaying the Blue, White, and Red

Left bank all the way!

Coming straight at you!

What goes up...

...Must come down

Vive la France!


Hungarian AF Antonov AN-26 "Curl"


Flying through the Swiss Alps

Swiss Air Force Super Puma

In between the rocky peaks of the Alps


McDonnell Douglas AV-8B of VMAT-203, MCAS Cherry Point

AV-8B from VMA-311

Harrier II vertical takeoff


Lancer in action - 9th Bomb Squadron, Dyess AFB

Variable-sweep wing bomber

Rockwell B-1B full afterburner takeoff

Demonstrating raw afterburner power


Catch the Spirit of Northrop B-2A

Spirit of New York - 393d Bomb Squadron, Whiteman AFB


Flying Fortresses

Thunder Bird from 3 o'clock low

Sentimental Journey

Texas Raiders

Yankee Lady


"Diamond Lil" Liberator

"Ol' 927" Liberator

A very rare B-24A with open-air tail gunner station


Maid In The Shade Mitchell

Devil Dog Mitchell

Shiny Panchito Mitchell

Betty's Dream Mitchell

B-25J of the Netherland East Indies Air Force

Red Bull Mitchell

Photo Fanny Mitchell

Yankee Warrior


TB-26C trainer

Douglas Invader

B-26C Invader


FiFi - One of two airworthy Superfortresses in the world

B-29A Superfortress with P-51D escort fighters

Superfortress flanked by Tigercat

For the next generation to appreciate

For the next generation to appreciate


Still alert, still ready...


Barksdale's BUFFs

55+ years of service and still counting


Convair B-58A Hustler



Lackland AFB C-5A


C-7A Caribou

Rugged "Bush" aircraft of the US Army



C-17A 97th AMW, Altus AFB

HALO delivery

Against the backdrop of Nellis AFB


Modernized C-27J

Alenia Spartan

Short-lived USAF C-27A


US Army


Airborne assault

Curtiss C-46 Commando


Bluebonnet Belle (RIP) shining in the sun

USAF Skytrain

Dakota with D-Day invasion stripes


A "Spooky" paint scheme

"Willa Dean" C-47 from Lyon Air Museum


Patrulla Águila - Upside-down solo

Straight down in formation

Tight up!


Steady flying either upside down or rightside up

Going right at each other

Showing the Spanish colors


C-130J-30 Super Hercules

RATO - Getting a boost!

Belgian Air Force Hercules generating vortices

Austrian Air Force C-130K

High Rollers Hercules of the Nevada AG

Fat Albert


Armée de l'Air Transall transport


Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Boomerang


Canberra operated by the Luftwaffe


Sirkorsky Sea Stallion


Luftwaffe Magister

Fouga Magister on landing approach at Zeltweg Airpower 2016

Fouga Magister at the 2017 Paris Airshow


Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora


Fighter Factory's Mosquito

One of a kind...de Havilland's wooden wonder


De Havilland Vampire

RAF Vampire




Grumman Hawkeye

French Navy E-2C at NTM 2016

French Navy E-2C participating in NTM 2017


Sentry operated by the French Air Force

NATO Sentry


Jamming Prowler

Grumman EA-6B Prowler - VMAQ-2 Cherry Point MCAS


Jamming Growler

VX-31's Boeing EA-18G Growler banking through the Jedi Transition


43d ECS Compass Call - They'll be "jamming"!

EC 135

Croatia Law Enforcement EC135

EC 665

Eurocopter Tiger

Tiger!  Tiger!

French Tiger from 5 RHC ALAT at NTM 2017


Typhoon at the 2001 Paris Airshow

Italian Air ForceTyphoon

Stressing the wings with the high-G turn

Typhoon on final approach

German "Cyber Tiger" Typhoon

Spanish Air Force "We Are Back!" Tiger

Luftwaffe Typhoon

Austrian Air Force Typhoon

Italian Typhoon 36-32

Barvarian "Ghost Tiger" at NTM 2018

Spanish Air Force Tiger 14-31 at NTM 2018

Italian Tiger 36-40 at NTM 2018

Spanish Typhoon touching down at 31st Air Base in Poland

Arrival of the Typhoons

Typhoon formation at NTM 2018


Etendard IV M

Super Etendard


North American Aviation F-1E Fury


McDonnell F-3B Demon

MF-3B Demon at the National Naval Aviation Museum


McDonnell Douglas Phantom II...Still "Phabulous" after all these years!

A roaring takeoff representing Col. Robin Olds' Mig killer Phantom S/N 63-7680

It's not Hugh Hefner's... VX-4 Evaluators F-4S

Michigan ANG F-4C S/N 63-7412

Captain Steve Ritchie and Captain Chuck DeBellevue's replica F-4D

Luftwaffe F-4F Phantom II - 20th FS, 49th FW - Routine maintenance at Holloman AFB

QF-4G awaiting the phinal sunset

Turkish AF F-4E at SIAF 2018 commemorating 60 years of the Phantom II

Phantom pharewell tour at Nellis' Aviation Nation 2016

Standing proud against the next generation fighters

QF-4s phinal phlight line on 21-Dec-2016 at Holloman AFB

QF-4E S/N 73-167 on standby

QF-4E S/N 74-625 on standby

Counting the butterflies before the phinal departure

QF-4E awaiting the phinal preflight check

Let's do this!

I am in!

I am right behind!

Let's rock and roll!

QF-4s getting ready for phinal sortie

Phinal look at the six

QF-4E leading the phinal takeoff

Still the meanest looking jet with the shark mouth!

Bright orange tips of the QF-4E S/N 74-043 stand out against the gray sky

Lt Col Ronald "Elvis" King's QF-4E S/N 74-638 performing for the last time

Lt Col (Ret) Jim "WAM" Harkins' QF-4E S/N 74-643 ripping through sky at Holloman AFB

QF-4E S/N 74-645 banking for a sharp look at the crowd

Phinal phlight formation of QF-4E Phantoms

One last afterburner run

QF-4E S/N 74-638 on final landing over looking the QF-16 successor

The phinal salute after 58 phabulous years of service with the USN, USMC, and USAF since the maiden flight.  That's all!

The phinal destination for most Phantoms...AMARC



General Motor's FM-2 Wildcat


Corsair catching the rising sun

All tucked up

The perfect profile

Fighter Factory's Corsair

Red Bull Corsair


Moosa Aswayita RCAF 419 Sqn CF-5A in pre-Dessert Storm training exercise at MCAS Yuma - 1990-01

Northrop F-5B Freedom Fighter

Canadair-built CF-5D

F-5E Tiger II, VFC-13 NAS Fallon

Northrop F-5F Tiger II

USN Adversary Tigers

AF-07 Adversary

Swiss Air Force F-5E

Swiss Air Force F-5E at Zeltweg, Austria

US Navy F-5E Adversary AF-13

US Navy F-5E Adversary AF-01

US Navy F-5E Adversary AF-03

US Navy F-5E Adversary AF-06

Patrouille Suisse

Leader of the pack

Time to go!

Stacking it tight!

Showing off the mirror image

Lighting up the sky with flares

Is someone going the wrong way?

Cutting throught the sky like a Swiss knife!


Douglas F-6A Skyray

Skyray at the National Naval Aviation Museum


Grumman Hellcat


Grumman Tigercat - "Here Kitty Kitty!"


Vought Cutlass

The unique design of the Cutlass


Vought F-8B Crusader


Grumman Bearcat

Midnight blue Bearcat


Grumman TAF-9J Cougar

Cougar in classic Sea Blue paint scheme


Grumman USMC F9F-4 Panther


VF-211 Tomcat - NAS Miramar

A colorful VF-124 Tomcat

Tomcats at Fightertown USA

VF-114 Tomcat

VF-101 F-14D Tomcat

Ripping it...

Like an arrow!


F-15C Eagle, S/N 85-102...Three aerial kills from Gulf War I

McDonnell Douglas F-15C

1st FW F-15C Eagle

1:1 thrust-to-weight takeoff power - 433d WS F-15C Eagle

159th FW "Bayou Militia" F-15C Eagle

USAF F-15D Eagle

Dispensing flares

F-15E Strike Eagle tearing through the sky

4th FW F-15E Strike Eagle...with the WSO performing old-school reconnaissance!

Strike Eagle at Nellis AFB

Strike Eagle lighting up the sky


F-16A early morning sortie out of Tucson

F-16C of 421st FS

F-16AM Fighting Falcon with Mid-Life Update


Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16BM

Full afterburner takeoff at Nellis AFB - 64th AGRS F-16C


55th FS F-16D Fighting Falcon

F-16C pulling a lot of G's!

182d FS Lone Star Gunfighters' F-16C

Raw afterburner power of Belgian Air Force F-16AM

Portugese Air Force Fighting Falcon

Belgian Air Force F-16AM at NTM 2016

Greek Air Force F-16C

Polish Air Force F-16C

Turkish Air Force F-16C

Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16AM at NATO Tiger Meet 2017

Belgian Air Force F-16AM at NTM 2017

Aggressor F-16C S/N 85-418

79th FS F-16D in Tiger scheme

F-16AM in full afterburner

F-16AM lighting up the night sky

F-16C Block 50D of 20th FW

USAF QF-16C Air Superiority Target Drone

USAF F-16C Aggressor

USAF F-16C S/N 86-283

112th FS F-16C, Ohio ANG

RNAF Tiger F-16BM at NTM 2018

Belgian AF Tiger F-16AM at NTM 2018

Polish AF F-16D

Greek AF Tiger F-16D at NTM 2018

Belgian AF F-16AM formation

Dark Falcon piloted by Vador

Danish AF Fighting Falcon

Dutch AF F-16AM in training with USAF Arizona ANG

USAF Thunderbirds

We got your diamond

Pulling a few G's here...

Stack it up!

Reflection Pass...is that close enough?

Delta formation under the cloud deck

Going head-to head

The crossover break

Right Wing Maj. Caroline Jensen

Scramble for final check before takeoff

After a homecoming show at Nellis AFB


VFA-204 F/A-18A+ Hornet

Adversary Hornets

VFA-122 F/A-18C Hornet

F/A-18C Hornet

F/A-18C of the Gladiators

USMC F/A-18D Hornet of VFMA(AW)-533

Swiss Hornets emerging from the Meiringen cavern

Staffel 11 "011" Hornet - 2008

Staffel 11 "011" Hornet - 2015

Staffel 11 "011" Hornet - 2016

Late October afternoon sortie from Meiringen

Spanish Air Force Ala 15 EF-18AM

Ala 15 EF-18BM

Ala 15 EF-18AM wearing NATO Tiger Meet 2016 scheme

Staffel 11 Swiss AF Hornet breaking though the scene

Spanish Air Force EF-18AM landing at Zeltweg

Transonic Hornet

Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet leaping into the air at CWF

RCAF CF-18 celebrating Canada 150

Swiss AF F/A-18C at NTM 2018

panish AF Hornet at Belgian AF Days 2018

Swiss AF F/A-18C burning and turning

VMFA-314 Black Knights' F/A-18C flying through Jedi Transition

USN F/A-18E Super Hornet

VFA-14 F/A-18E screaming through the blue sky at Salute To Veterans Air Show

"Tophatters" - The Oldest and The Boldest!

Pukin Dogs F/A-18E Rhino

VFA-32 F/A-18F Super Hornet

Wings up!

VFA-106 Super Hornet on approach at NAS Oceana

Super Hornet climbing out of Death Valley, California

F/A-18E flying through the Jedi Transition in Death Valley

Yanking and banking the F/A-18F low and fast through the Jedi Transition

USN Blue Angels

Fortus formation - You look marvelous!

Double Farvel

Solo show!

Missing it by that much!

Let's try again from a different perspective!

Diamond - Now that's tight!

Echelon Parade

Delta Breakout

Lucky #7


Nellis' F-22A Raptor - 433d WS

Can you see me?

Stealthy and deadly...

Let's "see" how fast I can fly today...43d FS F-22A

Definitely awesome in full afterburner!

Where is my stealthy parking space?

F-22A against a clear blue sky

Obscured by the power!


F-35A of the 61st FS from Luke AFB

34th FS F-35A from Hill AFB on landing approach at LBG during Paris Air Show debut in 2017

USAF F-35A Lightning II

The raw afterburner power of an F-35A

The Transformer F-35B from VMFAT-501

USMC F-35B Lightning II - MCAS Beaufort's Gen-5 Fighter

Tell me I am worth it!

Armament?...What you don't see will hurt you!

Check out my behind!


Republic F-84F Thunderstreak


Sabre on the loose

Three of a kind

One of a kind

North American Aviation F-86F Sabre

51st FIW F-86F Sabre

Jolley Roger Sabre

James "Jabby" Jabara's F-86

F-86L Sabre Dog


Northrop F-89J Scorpion


North American F-100F Super Sabre!

First of the Century Series

Misty 1 reflecting the sunrise honoring Col. Bud Day - 309th TFS, 31st TFW


 McDonnell F-101B Voodoo


Convair F-102A Delta Dagger


Starfighters Aerospace F-104G


Roaring takeoff of the Starfighters


Virginia ANG Republic F-105D Thunderchief


General Dynamics F-111E Aardvark

FB-111A variant ready for mission


The original stealth fighter:  Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk from 49th FW, 8th FS

Gen1 and Gen2 stealth airplanes:  Nighthawk and Spirit


French Navy Dassault Falcon 10M


The original Phantom...McDonnell FH-1


Soko Galeb of the former Yugoslav Air Force


Designed and built by Fiat


Fairey Gannet operated by Marineflieger


HH-46E SAR Sea Knight at MCAS Cherry Point in 2015

Leap Phrog

Phrog landing

Phrog-eye view


USAF combat search and rescue - Another day at the office

USAF HH-60 Pavehawks on the move

Sirkorsky HH-60 Pavehawk at Nellis AFB

US Navy SH-60 Seahawk at NAS Fallon

Austrian Air Force UH-60 Blackhawk

MH-60 Seahawk from US Navy HSC-2


BAE System T2

Could be more than just a jet trainer

RAF Red Arrows

Hawk T1 - A little brighter red with be better!

Up and away!

Flying circles around the diamond formation

Punching through against the grain

Going solo showing off the red white and blue!

Painted by the sunset

Making it look convincing

The split



RNAF Hunter


Turkish Aerospace Industries' first trainer/attack platform


A Hurricane landing

Hawker's contribution to the Battle of Britain


Ilyushin Il-28 (NATO code name: Beagle)


Chinese-built Mig-19 designated as Shenyang J-6 (NATO code name: Farmer)

J-6 variant: Dong Feng DF-102


Shenyang J-8E (NATO code name: Finback-A)

J 29

Saab Tunnan

J 29 from the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight


Armée de l' Air Jaguar

JAS 39

Saab Gripen - 2001 Paris Airshow

Czech Air Force Gripen

Hungarian Air Force Gripen

Gripen's moonshot

Gripen glows against the setting sun

Top view of the Gripen

Czech AF 211 Squadron's Gripen at SIAF 2018

Czech Air Force 100-year anniversary Gripen at the NTM 2018

Another look of the Czech Air Force 100-year anniversary Gripen

How to brighten up a cloudy sky


Nice and easy landing

Junkers Tante Ju


Kamov Alligator


McDonnell Douglas Extender


Boeing Pegasus - the next generation tanker


Stratotanker - 50+ years of air refueling services

The boom is lowered and ready to give...


Embraer's heavy lifter/tanker - 2017 Paris Airshow debut


American Bald Eagle Aero L-29

USSR Delfin (NATO code name: Maya)



Albatros leads Strikemaster

Slovak Air Force L-39

Black Diamonds

Black Diamond formation

We too can fly like the Thunderbirds!

Can the Blue Angels do this?


Czech out the Aero Alca!

Draken International's L-159


RAF F.2A at Gatow Luftwaffe Museum


PZL Skytruck of the Polish Air Force


Draken International's MB-339CB

Frecce Tricolori

Is this colorful enough?


Straight forward formation flying

The solo guy is losing it!

Splitting up is easy!

Orchestrated manuever in the dark

Doing it the Italian way...


Alenia Aermacchi Master jet trainer


Lockheed MC-130J Commando II


Messerschmitt Schwalbe 'B' reproduction by Me 262 Project

Me-262 B in flight at Wings Over Houston 2014

Me-262A - Made in the USA!

Me-262A at Zeltweg Airpower 2016


Royal Navy's Augusta Westland Merlin HM1


Czech Air Force Hip

Croatian Air Force KFOR Hip

Czech Air Force Hip at Sliac AB


Bulgarian Hind

Czech Air Force Hind

Czech Air Force Mi-35/24V Alien Tiger

Polish Air Force Mi-24

Mil Mi-24


A vintage Mig-15 of the Czechoslovak Air Force on display in Jilem, Czech Republic

Red Star Aviation's Mig-15UTI

Historic Czechoslovak Air Force Mig-15UTI at SIAF 2018


Showing off the after burner

Phantom's nightmare in the early days of the Vietnam War

Mig-17 of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) Air Force


Genuine UM Fishbed

Mig-21 of the former GDR Air Force

Polish Mig-21 and Cold War bunker

Croatian Air Force Mig-21bis

Croatian Air Force Mig-21UMD


Mig-23ML Flogger

Mig-23UB Flogger-C

Mig-23BN Flogger-H


Polish Air Force Fulcrum

Smoke it up!

The USSR's answer to the USAF F-15 Eagle

Polish Air Force Mig-29A standing tall

Flight of the Fulcrums

Attack of the Fulcrums

Slovak Air Force Mig-29UBS at Sliač Air Base, Slovakia


Armée de l' Air Mirage III


Armée de l' Air Mirage 2000

Mirage 2000D at NTM 2016


German Air Force Nord 2501D



NATO's Blackhawk

Belgian Navy NH-90

Belgian MTH NH-90

Rehearsing SAR missions


Commonly known as L-19 Bird Dog


US Army Mohawk

Grumman's purpose-built observation airplane for the US Army

Mohawk on the hunt


German OV-10 Bronco

Rockwell/USMC Bronco


US Customs and Border Protection's Orions - Airborne Early Warning and Long Range Tracker


Red Bull Lightning

Unique wing-to-body lines

When the Lightning strikes...The business end of the P-38


Bell Airacobra

Airacobra right profile


A peaceful morning awaiting the Warhawk

Warhawk cockpit


S/N 42-105867 - A tribute to "Tex" Hill's P-40 Warhawk of the AVG Flying Tigers

Curtiss P-40E


The Original Thunderbolt

Republic P-47D-30-RA aka The Jug


Galveston Gal Mustang (RIP)

Little Horse Mustang

Man O' War Mustang

Gunfighter Mustang

Wee Willy II Mustang

P-51C Mustang of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen

Dolly Mustang

Gentleman Jim Mustang


Bell P-63 Kingcobra

Kingcobra flying low and fast


Consolidated Privateer

Privateer on landing approach at Nellis AFB


Consolidated Catalina

Catalina of The Netherlands Naval Aviation Service


The solo guy from the Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team

The two solo guys attempting a lunar eclipse

Full team of nine

Full diamond formation

A head-on look

The barrel roll around the solo guy


Slovenian Air Force PC-9


Lockheed Harpoon


Polish Orlik


Nanchang Q-5 "Fantan"


North American RA-5C Vigilante


On landing approach at 2013 Paris Airshow

30,000 hours marking

Nice aileron roll

The Monster Tiger claws

French Navy Rafale at the NTM 2016 in Zarazoga, Spain

Rafale twins

Rafale in afterburner

French Navy 11F White Tiger from BAN Landivisiau during NTM 2017

"Hard to be humble" Rafale from Escadron Chasse et d'Expérimentation (ECE) 01/30

NTM 2017 Rafale from Escadron Chasse (ECE) 03/30

Performing at the 2017 Paris Airshow

Showing the raw power at Sanicole 2017

Armée de l'Air Rafale

French Navy Rafale at NTM 2018 in Poznan, Poland

2018 Rafale Solo Display aircraft

The Prototype Rafale A


USAF Douglas RB-66 Destroyer


Republic RF-84F Thunderflash of the Luftwaffe


A dedicated reconnaissance variant of the F-101 Voodoo


VS-41 Lockheed S-3B Viking

SA 316

Swiss Air Force Alouette III

Sud Aviation's original

SA 330

Royal Air Force Puma

RAF Puma sporting 100-year anniversary markings at the NATO Tiger Meet 2018 in Poznan, Poland

SA 342

French Armée de Terre SA 342 at NTM 2016

Gazelle at NTM 2017

SAAB 105

Swedish Air Force Saab 105

Austrian Air Force Saab 105Ö at NTM 2017

Austrian Air Force Saab 105Ö at CIAV 2018


Curtiss SB2C-5

Currently the only airworthy Helldiver in the world


SBD-5 Dauntless

Douglas dive bomber that played a major roll in winning the Battle of Midway

Douglas Dauntless


Textron Airland Scorpion at the 2015 Paris Airshow

A simple message from this low-cost military platform

Sea Hawk

Royal Navy FGA 6


Sirkorsky Sea King performing SAR training

Royal Navy ASaC7

Begian AF showing off SAR techniques


Saab SK-35C Draken

Draken taxiing at Zeltweg Airpower 2016

Draken S/N 35810 belonging to Swedish Air Force Historic Flight


North American SNJ-2 Texan

North American SNJ-5 Texan


US Navy Vultee SNV-1 Valiant

Space Shuttle

Endeavour's last piggyback ride over JSC

Special Formation Flights

Randolph AFB trainers

European display teams at Sanicole 2015 Sunset Show

Super Constellation and Patrouille Suisse

F-16AM/BM/C formation at NTM 2016 - Zaragoza, Spain

Saab 105 - Magister - Vampire - Draken - Tunnan - Tiger - Typhoon over Zeltweg Airpower 2016

Spitfire - Viper

Red Bull's Alpha Jets - Corsair - Lightning - Mitchell

International display teams at Sanicole 2017 Sunset Show

Gazelle - AB212 - Hind - Puma - Hip x2 at NTM 2018

PC-9 - Fishbed x2 at CIAV 2018


Vickers manufactured 1943 MkIX

RNLAF Spitfire

Spitfire Mk XVI


Polish Air Force Su-22M4

Polish Fitters taking off from Kleine Brogel Air Base

30 years of service and counting

As long as those wings can still swing, Polish Fitters could be around until 2024

Former GDR Air Force Su-22


Georgian Air Force Frogfoot at the 2001 Paris Air Show

USSR's answer to the A-10...or perhaps it is the not-to-be Northrop A-9

Czechoslovak Air Force Frogfoot on display at Letecke Muzeum Kbley, Czech Republic


Sukhoi Flanker

Ukrainian AF Flanker

Tandem-seat Flanker at Belgian AF Days 2018


2013 Paris Air Show debut: Sukhoi Flanker-E

Super Mystere

Armée de l' Air Super Mystere


Lockheed T-1A Sea Star


Beechcraft Texan II

US Navy SNA T-6B Texan II


North American Trojan

US Navy T-28B

Red Bull Trojan

Trojan Phlyers

Trojan Horsemen


Ace Maker

Where is my opposing knife-edge Thunderbird?

Where is my opposing knife-edge T-33?

The Red Knight

Ace Maker II

Simple trainer derived from Kelly Johnson's F-80 Shooting Star.


Beechcraft Mentors


NASA's T-38A Talon

Whiteman's T-38

560th FTS "Chargin' Cheetahs" T-38C, S/N 69-7085, from Randolph AFB

T-38C of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing - Beale AFB

Tyndall's T-38C, S/N 62-3706

T-38A, N966NA (S/N 65-10357), on approach at NAS New Orleans

Randolph AFB's 435th FTS "Black Eagles" T-38C Talon, S/N 70-1954


Goshawk of VT-22

NAS Kingsville flight line

Goshawk maintenance

Field Carrier Landing Practice



LM/KAI offering for the T-X Program: T-50A


Grumman developed TBF Avenger torpedo bomber

General Motor manufactured TBM-3


Luftwaffe IDS during routine maintenance at Holloman AFB

German Air Force Tornado ECR

German AF Tornado at NTM 2018

"Hard To Be Humble" Tornado ECR



US Army UH-1B Iroquois

UH-1D in action: Vietnam

West Germany Federal Border Guard UH-1D

USMC UH-1Y Venom

USAF Heritage Flights

Mustang - Raptor - Thunderbolt - Phantom

Mustang - Viper - Raptor

Mustang - 2x Sabre - Raptor

Warhawk - Raptor - Viper - Eagle

Mustang - Warthog - Eagle

Mustang - Viper - Sabre - Eagle

Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt II

Thunderbolt - Warthog - Mustang - Eagle

Globemaster III and Skytrain

Sabre - Lightning II - Raptor

Skytrain and Globemaster III

Mustang and Lightning II

USMC Heritage Flights

Lightning II - Harrier II - Hornet

USN Heritage Flights

Hornet and Wildcat

Super Hornet and Corsair


MV-22 Osprey: Not your daddy's VTOL aircraft!

Helicopter mode

Hybrid mode

Airplane mode


Ready to top it off from an MC-130J


A gathering of WW II warbirds

P-51 leading the pack

Bearcat and Mustang

Mitchell and Corsair

Hurricane and Mosquito

Warhawk leads Flying Fortress

Thunderbolt and Mustang

Spitfire and Mitchell

Skyhawk and Phantom II


NASA's Canberra



Grumman X-29 forward-swept wing technology demonstrator


Rockwell/MBB X-31 enhanced fighter maneuverability denmonstrator


Luftwaffe's nightmare on the Eastern Front during WW II

Normandie Niemen Yak-3

Yakovlev's answer to the Mustang and Spitfire


Boeing's entry in the AMST competition


Northrop's entry in the LFW competition

Later designation as the F-18 prototype



Northrop/McDonnell Douglas' entry in the ATF competition

Prototype Air Vehicle 2 Gray Ghost

YF-23 S/N 87-801

It may have been known as the Black Widow II


North American F-107A prototype...It may have been known as the Ultra Sabre

More to come...

As long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated with airplanes.  Like most kids, I liked to draw.  I can remember I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would do is grab my paper pad and pencil and draw.  I would often get disciplined for not washing up and eat breakfast before I dove into my drawing obsession.  Unlike most kids, I drew nothing but airplanes starting at the age of about three years old.  I think because I grew up during the war and saw airplanes zipping around the skies of Vietnam on a daily basis, I was heavily influenced by the subject.  Of course all of my stick-figure airplane drawings from my early age were thrown out but I was able to save some of my sketches starting at the age of eight.  My drawing skill was honed over the years as I got older but unfortunately I ran out of patience to be able to sit still and draw.  Perhaps one day I will pick it up again.

Below is a collection of my airplane drawings between 1973 and 1990.















In 1966, Fred served in Vietnam and was based at Tan Son Nhut AB in Saigon.  These are Fred's images documenting some of the military aircraft operating at Tan Son Nhut AB during that period.

Thank you for your service!

VF-142 F-4B Phantom II

US Navy F-4B

RF-4C flight line

C-141A Starlifter

Shiny USAF C-141A

C-135B Stratolifter

C-123A Provider

CH-3C Jolly Green Giant

P-2H Neptune

HH-43B Husky

T-39A Sabreliner

F-102A Delta Dagger

F-102A sortie

F-102A sorties

McDonnell RF-101C Voodoo

Voodoo flight

Voodoo maintenance


Bell UH-1D


Bell UH-1B

Field of Hueys

Douglas A-1H Skyraider

Braniff International Boeing 707-300 transporting military personnel

So you want to be a photographer?
How about strapping yourself into an RF-4C and use it as your camera gear?

Frank and his photographic equipment:

RF-4C Phantom II, S/N 65-0917

12th TRS, 460th TRW, Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon, Vietnam

These are images taken by Frank during his career in the USAF ...

Thank you for your service!

RF-4C Phantom II catching the sunset

RF-4C looking for gas

One at a time!

Our turn!

RF-4C taking a selfie

RF-4C returning from mission

RF-4C of the 12th TRS

RF-4C S/N 68-0588

F-4E armed and dangerous

F-4Ds looking for opportunities


F-4E escort

RB-57E Patricia Lynn (S/N 55-4257)


F-4E Phantom II - Bitburg, Germany

F-4Es aerial refueling


German F-104G Starfighter

RAF Lightning F.2A 


A Lightning landing

You can be my wingman...!

Meeting USAF Ace Brigadier General Steve Ritchie

Capt. Ritchie marking Mig Kills #3 and #4 on F-4E, S/N 67-0362, after the mission on 08-Jul-1972.
Courtesy of Capt. Marty Cavato)

Thank you for your service!


My Uncle Lam.  He was a Major in the Republic of Vietnam Marine Division.  My best memory of him is he used to carry an M1911A1 behind his back and concealed under his shirt at all times.  Uncle Lam was one of the toughest dudes I know as a kid growing up.  He was KIA in July 1974


Tuan, my brother in-law, as a young 2nd Lieutenant serving in the VNAF


Lastly, my dad as a young Lieutenant Colonel in the Signal Corps of the ARVN

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