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About Julie & Chris...




Julie, born in Taegu, Korea ...


...At three months old

At one year old in a traditional Korean costume

Ice skating training for the 1980 Olymplics at 9 years old

...concurrently training for the
Russian Ballet

But Julie gave all that up and moved to America in 1975 where she grew up in Glendale, California.


On the Tall Flag Team at the Herbert Hoover High School

...on the Drill Team

In 1987, Julie earned her BSME Degree from
California State Polytechnique University, Pomona

Chris, born in Saigon, South Vietnam ...

At 5 years old, first day in kindergarten

ID card for a sports club in Saigon

At the DMZ, 17th Parallel, across
from the river is North Vietnam with
the National Liberation Front flag flying
- 1974 

Not old enough to fight in the war as an F-4 fighter pilot, Chris moved to The United States of America in 1975 where he grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan.              


First experience with snow, had to build a snowman - 1975

Jamming on the drums to a tune from the Rolling Stones, or something like that - 1981

With Ms. Detroit Autorama and a winning entry in a car design competition sponsored by the Michigan Hot Rod Association - 1983

Finally earned a BSME Degree from

 the University of Michigan in 1987


Julie and Chris met while starting out their engineering careers at Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, California. Almost seven years and several career moves later between the two, Julie and Chris got married and are currently residing and working in the great state of Texas.


In traditional costumes for a Korean Ceremony before the wedding

October 1994 - Wedding Day

October 1994 - Oahu Island, Hawaii  USA

June 1995 - Mammoth Lake, California  USA

May 1996 - Duomo Milano - Milan, Italy

May 1997 - Firenze, Italy

November 1998 - The Pasta Capital - Bologna, Italy

October 1999 - Mach 2 on a Concorde adventure from JFK to LHR

October 2000 - Mont. St. Michel, France

March 2001 - Champagne country - Avize, France

October 2002 - Piazza San Marco - Venice, Italy

May 2003 - Obidos, Portugal

October 2004 - Coast of Cinque Terre - Manarola, Italy

March 2005 - Old Town - Warsaw, Poland

October 2006 - The Parthenon - Athina, Greece

May 2007 - Korcula, Croatia

October 2008 - Top of Europe - Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

October 2009 - Neuschwanstein Castle - Schwangau, Germany

November 2010 - Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo, Texas  USA

October 2011 - Monte Carlo Casino - Monaco

September 2012 - Groznjan, Croatia

September 2013 - Oia - Santorini, Greece

September 2014 - Salzburg, Austria

June 2015 - Dinan, France

August 2016 - Piran, Slovenia

November 2017 - London, England

July 2018 - Rovinj, Croatia

June 2019 - Girona, Spain

June 2020 - Never a problem getting a table at restaurants during the plandemic!

April 2021 - Salt Lake City

September 2022 - Amman, Jordan