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The past ten years...

Michaela, Hanna, Olli, and Paula visiting Houston - 2016
Visiting Jet and Robert in Aalsmeer with Andrew - 2016
Dinner with Ellen and Justin in Buena Park , CA - 2016
With Fred and Carl in Long Beach, CA - 2015
A seflie with Chris and Jeff, Huntington Beach, CA - 2015
 In Antwerp with Andrew and Chad - 2015
Hanging with Robert at Spottersday in Klein-Brogel Air Base, Belgium - 2015
Having pizza with Judy and Mike in Katy, TX - 2015
Dinner with Bill in Sugarland, TX - 2015
Having a beer or two with John in MLT, WA - 2015
Hanging with Marc and Chad in Paris, France - 2015
A quick visit with Cindy and Tommy in Everett, WA - 2015
Sipping champagne with Jacques, Michel and Gloria in Chamant, France - 2015
Sunday afternoon hangout with Olga, George, Pietro, Dawn, and Barry - 2014

Jet and Robert visiting Houston - 2014

Hanging with Gloria and Jacques in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic - 2014

At Goode Company BBQ with Karl and Margaret - 2014

Running around Mong Kok with William - 2014

At King Ludwig Beerhall in TST, HKG, with Robert, Eddie, Sam, and Jim - 2014

Enjoying Czech cuisine and Pilsner Urquell beer with Steve in Prague, Czech Republic - 2013

A Pioneer gathering with Mike and Mark in Katy, TX - 2013

Dinner with Rita in Heraklion, Crete - 2013

Enjoying a chat with Ray and Elizabeth in Santorini, Greece - 2013

An evening at the Tarets' with the Gaurons and friends in Villers St. Frambourg, France - 2013

Meeting up with Bob in Danville, CA - 2013

Enjoying lunch in Tung Chung with Monic, Jane, Jenny, Sharon, and Ben - 2012

Dinner with Candee, Dave, Mom, and Andrew at Taste of Texas - 2012

Gathering with the "Aunties" in Korea Town of Los Angeles - 2012

Visiting Imelda and Carl in Chino Hills, CA - 2012

Thomas and Simone visiting Houston - 2011

Dinner with the Klyms in Seattle - 2010

Lunch with Rocio, Diego, and Juan in San Augustin, Spain - 2010

Visiting with Tim and Irene in Chelsea, MI - 2010

With Dave, Candee, and Nick after a full meal at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI - 2010

Fighting Joe for dessert in Lynwood, WA - 2010

Lunch with Frank in Houston - 2009

Hanging with Tuan and Dan in Seattle - 2009

Visiting with Dan at Gerardo and Ana's in Seattle - 2009

Yogi visiting Houston - 2008

Visiting with Thomas at Pilatus Aircraft - Stans, Switzerland - 2008

With Christoph and Christoph in Axalp, Switzerland - 2008

43 floors above Waikiki with Cindy and Tommy, HI - 2007

With George, Vicki, and Tony visiting Houston from down under - 2006


Big Fatty, Houston, TX



Jimmy and Mike at the Cottage Inn in Ann Arbor, MI


With Steve and the Voodoo somewhere in the middle of Arizona


With Matt and Mohsen, HOU, TX


After a big dim sum meal with Carl, Angel, Juan, and Fred in Garden Grove, CA


Party at Kirit's (RIP) with Steve, Carolyn, Nabil (RIP), and Carl in Anaheim, CA


The Boyz.....with Mike, Jimmy, Tony, and Nick - Ann Arbor, MI



Cracking it with The Whip - Ann Arbor, MI


Studying for Humanities class exam.....with Paul, Marvin, Bob, Emeka, Chuck, and John - Ann Arbor, MI