My parents live in a small one-bedroom apartment where every square inch is a luxury.  They were never able to find a small entertainment center cabinet that can hold all of the stuff my dad has that is functional and can blend in with their existing furniture.  I was able to convince them to let me design and build one to fit their needs.  The cabinet was constructed from birch plywood, poplar, and pine.  To match an existing end table they have, it was painted satin black using acrylic paint.

Basic concept of the cabinet.

The carcass is made from birch plywood.

Pine trim moldings fit check.

With top and doors attached for fit check.

Decorative details.

Decorative details at the lower end.

Fit check of door hinges.

Details of decorative feet to hide the caster.

Upper end details.

More upper end details.

More lower end details.

Completed cabinet in satin black.

Internal details.

With one door closed.

With both doors closed.

Upper end details.

Lower end details.