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Greece is the birthplace of western civilization.  It has a history that dates back so far that it can be difficult to comprehend.  When the age of places or objects are labeled in terms of BC...you'd have to add another 2000 years to understand how old it really is.  And again, sometimes you still cannot comprehend.  But that's OK, because many things are still there for people to experience the history of Greece and absorb what we can in our own ways.  If that's too much to absorb, well, just experience and enjoy Greece for the beautiful places it offers to the world today.

Athens from 25,000 feet


One of the famous icons of the world - the Parthenon


Odeon of Herodes Atticus




Another ruin within the modern Athens


Archea Agora Athinon




Temple of Hephaestus shadowed by modern Athens


Acropolis at night


Guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens


Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea


Northern central coast of Crete Island


Heraklion, Crete


Everyone is out on the town in Heraklion on a Tuesday night!


Knossos, Crete - It dates between 7000 BC and 1100 BC...Not that old!?


The Throne Room of Knossos


Modern replicas for tourists


Venetian Port of Chania, Crete


Old Town Chania


Lighthouse and seawall of Chania


Sunrise over Samaria Gorge - Europe's longest gorge of 16km


Finding the way out of the Samaria Gorge


Thira, Santorini Island


A breathtaking view of Thira


Imerovigli, Santorini


Rooftop decoration


How did this little boat get here?


Typical Santorini architecture...simple!


Looking west from the windmill of Oia, Santorini


No such thing as tract homes here...


People from all corners of the world come to experience the sunset in Santorini...Oh, and to take a picture too!


Under the same atmospheric condition, sunset is the same everywhere....Really?!?


Oia at night


Bells of Oia


Typical blue-domed church of Santorini


One way to stand out against the blue water of the Aegean Sea


Sparkling water along the port of Oia


A spectacular view looking at the volcano of Santorini


Primary blue is always in!


Church bells


Keeping it cool with the lighter colors


Relax and enjoy the view!


Olives anyone?


How about grilled sardines?


No?  How about grilled octopus?


Still no?  How about some delicious grilled sausages?


If not, just have a traditional Gyro!


And finish it up with a nice fresh Greek salad!


Finally, don't forget to top it off with jet fuel to wash it all down!  OPA!!!